The Pursuit of Now, Sadler’s Wells

On Tuesday I went to Sadler’s Wells for a night of jazz and modern dance. I, unlike almost everyone I know, hate jazz. And I would go to the ballet a thousand times before I chose to see a modern dance performance. Yet, there I was, sat in the vacuous and beautifully stark Sadler’s Wells theatre in Islington, waiting for “The Pursuit of Now” to begin. Honestly, even the name annoys me.
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Film Review: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, The Backstreet Boys

Do you remember the Backstreet Boys? I do, just. But not like this.

In this new documentary titled Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, centered on the Backstreet Boys’ 20th Anniversary Tour, we see the Backstreet Boys as we’ve never seen them before. Gone are the youthful, boyish looks and energy and in their place, neuroses, petulance, trick knees and raw, unchecked emotion.
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