Psycho-geography: An Exercise to Remember My Future at the Camden Fringe

Psycho-geography is described as an approach to geography that emphasises ‘drifting’ in urban environments. Diana Cristina DeFex Sierra’s show is own story of ‘drifting’ from dangerous 1990s Medellin to post 9/11 America and finally over to dodgy suburbs of Paris. It’s an interesting story. But what you see on stage is mostly unnecessary. Continue reading “Psycho-geography: An Exercise to Remember My Future at the Camden Fringe”

Andrew and the Pony at the Camden Fringe

Earlier this year, a show titled ‘Andrew and the Pony’ was due to be entered into the Brighton Fringe by two men: Andrew Bridge and a man who owned a pink pony costume. Two hours before the deadline for submission, the pink pony pulled out, leaving Andrew with a show based around ponies but none of the equine breed to hand.

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It’s All Geek To Me at the Camden Fringe

29 year old Pete Dillon-Trenchard began his comedic journey in 2010. He won Comedy Café’s New Act of the Year 2012, was a finalist in Creek’s One to Watch Competition and this year he’s bringing his new show ‘it’s All Geek To Me’ to the Camden Fringe.  What’s initially enjoyable about the show is Pete’s immense likeability. Continue reading “It’s All Geek To Me at the Camden Fringe”

Man Can’t Fly: An Interview

Formed in October 2012, Man Can’t Fly are a Bradford based Alternative/Acoustic-Rock band who gained recognition when their EP ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ was played on BBC Radio 1 in early June. Since then, they’ve won acclaim from the likes of Sara Cox and Huw Stephens. Post Radio 1 airplay, the band have secured slots at Bingley Music Live 2013 and this year’s BBC Introducing Stage at Reading & Leeds.

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