Don Giovanni, Acre

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Don Giovanni, a cenar teco m’invitasti, e son venuto…”

 It was with a nervous step that I entered Akko, former Crusaders’ courtyard and location for the night’s performance of Don Giovanni.
Walking through the Knights’ Halls, in a flabbergasted, trance-like state, one gets a sense of enigmatic energy and almost mysticism that pervades the air. The magnitude of the fortification and the sheer force and power that once bivouacked here now seems to emanate from the very stones themselves. Indeed, it seems the height of inanity that I put pen to e-paper to try and describe the setting, something that took an aeon to physically construct, in several sentences. I won’t go on. Needless to say, Akko, a UNESCO World Heritage site is definitely one of the places to visit before you die – whether an avid Historian or not.
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An interview with Richard Clayderman

Your repertoire and recordings have consisted of mainly classical pieces. Have you ever considered delving into another genre?

RC : In fact, among the 1000 titles which I have recorded in the past 35 years, there are less than 10% of classical titles. In fact although I have studied in a Conservatory the classical piano, I do not consider myself a classical pianist. I am rather what we usually call a Pop pianist with my own romantic style.
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Shostakovich interpreted by the London Philharmonic Orchestra

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It was a privileged audience that attended the 26th October performance of the London Philharmonic Orchestra at Royal Festival Hall. The Rest is Noise series, a title borrowed from Alex Ross’ book on 20th century classical composers and their music, has covered a formidable repertoire this season but Shostakovich’s 13th was always going to be a firm favourite.
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Dan Stevens on Narrating the Latest Edition of Frankenstein

An exclusive video interview of Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens talking about his latest project – Frankenstein (29 Oct). The award-winning actor and narrator has recorded an uncanny audiobook performance of Mary Shelley’s timeless gothic novel, an epic battle between man and monster at its greatest literary pitch.
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