AWOLNATION at O2 Shepherd’s Bush

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AWOLNATION’s momentous debut album launched them from nowhere to international stardom. With epics like ‘Sail’ and ‘Kill Your Heroes’, the lengthy ‘Megalithic Symphony’ felt like a slightly premature magnum opus. The challenge of course for these Californians is to follow such a beast with strong new offerings.
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Imagine Dragons at the O2 Brixton

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It seems few bands can resist opening a set at a major venue these days without at least 3 enormous drums at their disposal. But few of late have arrived to quite such a roar and squeal as Las Vegas’ Imagine Dragons. London seems to have offered these Silver State boys a second home for the foreseeable future.
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Rohan de Saram plays Dvorak ‘Cello Concerto in B minor

Venue: St. James’ Church, Sussex Gardens. Orchestra: Oberon Symphony Orchestra. Soloist: Rohan de Saram.

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Lyrical and tender, broad and expansive, Antonin Dvorák’s Cello Concerto in B minor deservedly takes its place alongside some of the best known and loved works of the Romantic period. Steeped in Bohemian folk traditions, personal tragedy and written with a devilish virtuosity, it demands an extraordinary soloist.  Continue reading “Rohan de Saram plays Dvorak ‘Cello Concerto in B minor”

Marie Naffah: An Interview

There is no musician more exposed than the solo singer-songwriter. Stood with nothing but a guitar over the shoulder and a microphone in front, there’s nowhere to hide. But it’s this exposure that makes genuine talent all the more satisfying. Marie Naffah is one such singer-songwriter, London born and raised. Continue reading “Marie Naffah: An Interview”

The Feeling: An Interview

Few bands have had to work quite so hard to fight preconceptions about their music as The Feeling. After reaching #2 and #1 in the charts with first two records, their third studio album was a relative flop, both critically and commercially. But 2 years on and newly signed to BMG Chrysalis, The Feeling are back with a new album, ‘Boy Cried Wolf.’
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