Awake at Edinburgh Fringe

Playing until the 26th August at Edinburgh Fringe C

Awake is performed by a brilliant ensemble cast who, in an interpretative and creative dance, tell the story of Max. His fight with serious illness not only affects his own life but also the lives of his friends and family. This show from the Awake Projects team brings together dance, acrobatics and haunting music to illustrate beautifully the internal struggle we all have to deal with when faced with a tough decision.

The scenarios in Max’s head are expertly played out in this intimate space. The proceedings turn dark as the audience are shown the inner workings of a mind, the kind of thing you’d never want your friends to see. It’s easy to empathise with each choice our protagonist is considering here, even the darker ones.  Illness is represented with monkeys, demons and angels. As something Max must fight away, he describes it as a locked room with its own rules.

With the incorporation of aerial acrobatics, Balinese Ketjack monkey chant and inspiration drawn from Dante’s inferno, Awake really isn’t your run of the mill show. Such a combination of daringly different themes might not be expected to play well together, but somehow the talented cast and fantastic script pull it off.

Exploring the fragility of life and the connections we have with those around us, Awake forces wide the deep spaces in your mind that normally don’t see the light of day.

Author: Diane Croskin

Diane has a love for dance and theatre and anything with a bit of a thrill.