Ballet Folklorico de Mexico De Amalia Hernandez at the London Coliseum

Para bailar la bamba, Se necesita una poca de gracia

The Ballet Folklorico de Mexico de Amalia Hernandez re-visited London after a 20 year hiatus from this city. What did we expect? I’m not sure. What was it like? In a word: sensational.

The programme consisted of 9 sections, each act accompanied with the impressive, live, Mariachi-type musicians, replete with sombreros. Continue reading “Ballet Folklorico de Mexico De Amalia Hernandez at the London Coliseum”

The Pursuit of Now, Sadler’s Wells

On Tuesday I went to Sadler’s Wells for a night of jazz and modern dance. I, unlike almost everyone I know, hate jazz. And I would go to the ballet a thousand times before I chose to see a modern dance performance. Yet, there I was, sat in the vacuous and beautifully stark Sadler’s Wells theatre in Islington, waiting for “The Pursuit of Now” to begin. Honestly, even the name annoys me.
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At the Sadler’s Wells: James Thiérrée fait un tabac rouge

It was again a last minute call for me on that eve to attend the show. Replacing an exhausted reviewer, I had to choose and cross out another event from my diary. I was seeking for inspirative renewals, something to reap me out of my world and subsequently fuse it to forms o’ mine, shapes and colours of self. Continue reading “At the Sadler’s Wells: James Thiérrée fait un tabac rouge”

Le Songe d’une nuit d’été

My first thought after having seen ‘Le Songe d’une nuit d’été’ was: wow.

Based on Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, the ballet interpretation is an innovative performance. With complex choreography and an incredibly potent score, this is one of the superior modern ballet performances that I have seen.
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Coppélia Ballet in Rome

When the graceful melody of the Coppélia waltz starts I close my eyes, listening to the beautiful score composed by Leo Delibes consisting of mazurkas and waltzes, and conducted by Koen Kessels for the Teatro dell’Opera. The orchestra gives voice and emotion to the gestures of the dancers and throughout, the co-ordination between orchestra and choreography was superlative.
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Awake at Edinburgh Fringe

Playing until the 26th August at Edinburgh Fringe C

Awake is performed by a brilliant ensemble cast who, in an interpretative and creative dance, tell the story of Max. His fight with serious illness not only affects his own life but also the lives of his friends and family. This show from the Awake Projects team brings together dance, acrobatics and haunting music to illustrate beautifully the internal struggle we all have to deal with when faced with a tough decision. Continue reading “Awake at Edinburgh Fringe”