Steven Berkoff: An Interview

Steven Berkoff is one of the most influential figures in the world of theatre and film, both as an actor and as a pioneering writer and director, spearheading the conception of ‘total theatre’- a method and style that, whilst avant-garde and shocking twenty years ago, is now widely mimicked in both professional and amateur theatre.

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Doctor Brown at Soho Theatre Arts Club

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After recent successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Doctor Brown (Philip Burgers) once again graces London with his surreal, uncomfortable sketches and his lewdly dressed body. In 2010 he indulged in breakfast making, chair racing and games of Guess Who? played against himself.

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Billy Bob Thornton on Jayne Mansfield’s Car

Billy Bob Thornton’s upcoming film, Jayne Mansfield’s Car, is not strictly speaking autobiographical but, given that he’s written, directed and starred in the Dixie-based family drama, it does cover some of the industry icon’s reflections on his own past. After years of dealing with the Hollywood gossip bandwagon, it is good to hear Thornton speaking as an artist in his own right once again. Continue reading “Billy Bob Thornton on Jayne Mansfield’s Car”