Written on Skin at the ROH

Friday 27th January, Covent Garden

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Written on Skin was, to me, quite mystifying – both in itself and the rave reviews. Quoth the ROH: “Since its premiere at the Aix-en-Provence Festival in 2012 it has been performed worldwide in numerous productions, to widespread acclaim”. The Guardian and The Telegraph reviews of the 2013 production, for example, corroborate the excellent reception (“a musical masterpiece” and “music of genius”, respectively). Continue reading “Written on Skin at the ROH”

Nabucco with Placido Domingo at the Royal Opera House

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The 9th June performance of Nabucco at Royal Opera House was a special treat, especially considering Placido Domingo’s age. A giant among tenors and a living operatic legend, Domingo was Nabucco, an aging king betrayed by a domineering adopted daughter, Abigaille. Continue reading “Nabucco with Placido Domingo at the Royal Opera House”

A night at the opera: Rossini’s Il Barbiere di Seviglia

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Every young girl wants to believe in a fairy tale ending, a concept that Hollywood has not only over-commercialized but stereotyped into an almost generic formula. Thus it was with heart-rending pleasure that I found myself transported back to my childhood notions of make-believe in Il Barbiere di Seviglia at the Teatro Real in Madrid whilst reveling in Rossini’s farcical melodramma buffo.
Continue reading “A night at the opera: Rossini’s Il Barbiere di Seviglia”