Immaculate at The White Bear Theatre Pub

20.30 (+added matinee @ 16.00 10/8) White Bear Theatre Pub (two minutes left of Kennington Tube)
Wednesday 6th – Saturday 10th August

Thundermaker Productions offered a new take on Oliver Lansley’s stellar play this week in a cut down, trendified rendition of Immaculate. Previously showcased as an unrelieved, two and a half hour effort and propelled downwards by an unnecessary Greek chorus line, the play has benefited from its rejuvenation. Continue reading “Immaculate at The White Bear Theatre Pub”

Psycho-geography: An Exercise to Remember My Future at the Camden Fringe

Psycho-geography is described as an approach to geography that emphasises ‘drifting’ in urban environments. Diana Cristina DeFex Sierra’s show is own story of ‘drifting’ from dangerous 1990s Medellin to post 9/11 America and finally over to dodgy suburbs of Paris. It’s an interesting story. But what you see on stage is mostly unnecessary. Continue reading “Psycho-geography: An Exercise to Remember My Future at the Camden Fringe”

Velvet Trumpet’s ‘All Change, All Change’ at the Solo Festival

‘A sandwich, a Mars bar… and a Lilt’ confesses Thomas Jones when talking about the contents of his lunchbox. Playing a tube driver in Velvet Trumpet’s ‘All Change, All Change’, written by himself and director Nikolai Ribnikov,  it’s a darkly humorous look at the lives of those who, for the majority of the day, lurk underground in the sweaty, cramped tunnels beneath London. Continue reading “Velvet Trumpet’s ‘All Change, All Change’ at the Solo Festival”

Mountview Postgraduate Director’s Season: White Rose

When you hear the rousing tune of the State Anthem of the Russian Federation, you know you’ve stepped into a play about the Russian contribution to Germany’s defeat in the Second World War. However, rather than focus on the ground conflict, ‘White Rose’ tells the story of the female fighter pilots, including ‘Double Ace’ Lily Litvak. Continue reading “Mountview Postgraduate Director’s Season: White Rose”