Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre: To Kill a Mockingbird

From the outset, it is clear that Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre’s adaptation of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is all about the ultimate comfort of storytelling. Having ventured into the park and up the winding paths leading into the theatre, there is a sense of settling down somewhere ‘otherworldly’.

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Don’t Wake Me-The Ballad of Nihal Armstrong at the Cockpit Theatre

Rahila Gupta’s ‘Don’t Wake Me- The Ballad of Nihal Armstrong’ is a phenomenally powerful dramatic work, just opened at the Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone.  The play takes the form of a dramatic monologue; a hard-hitting and relentless account of one mother’s true struggle for her disabled son’s rights. Continue reading “Don’t Wake Me-The Ballad of Nihal Armstrong at the Cockpit Theatre”

The Governess at Richmond Theatre

‘The Governess’, a forgotten play by Patrick Hamilton, has been recently unearthed, having lain undisturbed for decades. Roy Marsden’s  new production, currently being shown at Richmond Theatre, attempts to bring to life this short but brilliant play from the writer of ‘Gas Light’ and the better known ‘Rope’, which was immortalized in Hitchcock’s 1948 film. Continue reading “The Governess at Richmond Theatre”

Hypnotist Theatre Company’s ‘The Trial’, Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford

In performing Kafka’s The Trial, as adapted by Steven Berkoff, Oxford’s Hypnotist Theatre Company took on two masters of theatre. The play in itself deals with issues of identity and illusion, of double meanings and deception and at its heart, dystopia. These themes are perfectly matched to Berkoff’s Brechtian production; the audience’s awareness of the actors as players taking on a different identity reflects the way in which the narrative questions the roles we all take on within society. Continue reading “Hypnotist Theatre Company’s ‘The Trial’, Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford”

The Ghost Hunter at The Old Red Lion

Theatre of the Damned’s new play The Ghost Hunter is a one man play showing at The Old Red Lion  theatre. Actor Tom Richards takes the audience on an hour long imaginary ghost tour of the city  of York from the comfort of this pub whilst telling the audience tales of the life of a ghost hunter in a relaxed and casual manner.

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