Circus of Horrors at Lyric Theatre

Thrills and Spills from the Circus of Horrors once more in this special show, London After Midnight, celebrating their 18th anniversary. Prepare to be shocked, amazed, and maybe even drenched if you’re sitting in the front row, with performances from the fantastic Hannibal Hellmurto, sword swallower extraordinaire or the brilliantly creepy ‘sinister sisters’ performing mechanical looking blood spotted aerial art.

London After Midnight draws inspiration from the now lost film of the same name. We’re taken through 1660’s London, the show incorporates elements from the Plague of London, the insane asylum, Bedlam and the Great Fire of London. Hold on to your seats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Fans of Rock n’ Roll will appreciate the new band, the ‘Interceptors from Hell’, accompanying the acts through this themed journey of horror into London’s past. Dr Haze and the beautiful Zoe Oliver Ellis as Pandemonia, provide strong vocals immersing the audience further.

If you’re looking for the grace and finesse of Cirque du Soleil, look elsewhere. This is something grottier, something rawer but equally as powerful. Circus of Horrors provides that little bit extra to the circus acts, the horror and dark comedy bring a fresh overtone to what we’ve seen before. And hell, they just have entertainment value in spades.

From lovers of old school carnival and freak show to those who just love a bit of a thrill, Circus of Horrors has got it all in their new London After Midnight theatre show. Get yourself down to London’s West End or one of their many other performance venues to see these fantastic misfits in action. Click here for their tour dates.

Author: Diane Croskin

Diane has a love for dance and theatre and anything with a bit of a thrill.