Knock2bag East 27/09/13 – Our Picks

Knock2bag East is a brilliant, award-winning comedy club in Shoreditch. They attract some of the biggest names in comedy, as well as some brilliant upcoming comics.  Head down for a lot of laughs and a great night out. Here are 3 of our favourite acts from one of their famous shows:

Kim Noble

Kim Noble is not a comedian for the faint-hearted. He’s gloriously disgusting, terrifyingly strange and a long way from legal in most of his hilarious goings on. From posing as the worst employee imaginable in some of the UK’s biggest retailers to creating a female Facebook profile with the least innocent of intentions, he gives the audience little chance to see the real Kim Noble. But there’s something charming about his depressive mystery, sad as the realities of his illness are. Go and see him but go in the right frame of mine. If you’re easily offended, bear in mind that almost nothing he says or does could ever be broadcast on the BBC. And what he does to watermelons, well, yeah.

Simon Munnery

Simon Munnery has built his career on a ticket of innovation and originality. If you recognise anything of his style in other comedians, chances are they’ve copied him. His latest musings are as thoughtful as they come, covering an awesome range of subjects from religion to supermarkets. His experience shows in all that he does, developing a comfortable stage manner that never feels in the least bit rehearsed. You’ll be left with new perspectives on everyday issues, but without feeling like you’ve had them shoved down your throat.  Simon Munnery’s stand-up is an effortlessly thought-provoking joy.

Liam Williams

Liam Williams is as much a poet as he is a comedian. He’s as intelligent and quick as any, his tales told through dulcet Yorkshire tones.  His honest admissions of average in almost every aspect of his life are a real and refreshing alternative to much of today’s exaggerated self-deprecation. He seems to exist in an almost constant state of mild despair of a world lacking perspective.

His speedy demolition of popular phrases like ‘making love’ leaves the audience thoughtfully roaring with laughter. He has the wisdom to be able to reflect on his past mistakes and the futility of modern materialism, but retains a youthful charm which makes him both accessible and brilliantly funny.

You can find knock2bag East’s listings here. They’ve got Shappi Khorsandi, Sara Pascoe and Will Adamsdale coming up.

Have you been to the knock2bag East’s comedy night? What did you think? Have you seen any of these acts before? Tell us below!


Author: Tim Higgins

CFO/Music Correspondent Tim spends every moment he possibly can going to gigs and loves finding small venues with a great atmosphere.