Light Years Review

Beth Orton takes a step outside the music arena in Esther May Campbell’s atmospheric and poetic analysis of family connection and dysfunction. Whilst at times the dream-like visuals can sometimes take the audience out of the focus upon what the underlying message of the film is – that Orton plays a mother, separated from her family, whose daughter, Rose (Zamira Fuller) who longs to see her. As a result, she decides to take action, causing the rest of the family to assess their own perceptions and desires to maintain happiness in the shadow of sadness.


The director’s own belief that this is a ‘small film with a big heart’ certainly rings true throughout and there is much to appreciate in LIGHT YEARS, both on a visual and acting level. If you have tapped into the appeal of compact and truly independent Brtitsh Cinema, then LIGHT YEARS will provide a warm and welcoming addition to your collective memories.

Good performances all round, particularly from Orton as the mother and the young ensemble cast, which echoes the intelligent portrayals in the current critical favorite CAPTAIN FANTASTIC. Ultimately, LIGHT YEARS is a work that demands repeat viewings and assessment to garner the true essence at the heart of this admirable piece of work.

LIGHT YEARS  is touring select UK cinemas from 24 September. Own it on  DVD from 28 November