The Jonas Brothers at Comerica Theater, Phoenix, AZ

For her first assignment, our new US Correspondent, Arin Segal, headed to Arizona to see if The Jonas Brothers have still got it.

When any artist takes a hiatus, it’s a big risk. Fans might stay just as devoted as before, but they could equally just move on. Fortunately for The Jonas Brothers, they found the former to be true. Hours before doors opened, fans young and old lined up around the block, holding signs and singing their favorite lyrics, hoping to catch a glimpse of the brothers as they came out of their tour bus.

KarminAs they waited for the show to begin, fans took vine videos of themselves singing ‘Still In Love With You’ in hopes of being picked for the Sing With Jonas contest. At 7pm, Mike Tompkins came out from behind the computer screen ready to entertain the crowd with a sick DJ set. Known best for his YouTube videos where he sings hit songs and uses his voice to layer each instrument, Mike recreated some of the covers on stage using recorded loops that he put together live.

Support act Karmin took to the stage singing their new single, ‘Acapella,’ and instantly the crowd was on their feet. Being their usual selves, Amy and Nick entertained the crowd and goofed around with the fans in the front row. Playing some new music off their upcoming album Pulses, most fans seemed to already know the words and sang along to each and every song. If the songs they played are any indication of what the rest of the album holds, I’m counting the days until the release.Karmin

As Nick Jonas took his spot on the stage, fans searched around the venue to find Kevin and Joe coming in through the aisles. It was as if they continued right where they left off three years ago. Fans sang along to each and every song and the three brothers looked like they were exactly where they should be. No longer having a major label dictate every aspect of their tour, the three had more freedom to change up their set list Those devoted fans that came to nearly every show were treated to a different experience each time.

As the show progressed, it was clear that the Jonases grew up. They also changed up their style, revamping songs old and new, reflecting both older and updated sounds. With live saxophone added to most songs, it gave the music a different, but enjoyable vibe. Clearly inspired by a blend of rock, jazz, and EDM, there was never a dull moment in getting to hear the new music. After one of the new Joe Jonassongs, ‘Found,’ Nick started out a cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking About You’ that had every girl in the theater freaking out and singing along. As Kevin and Joe joined in, the volume level grew and grew, but it was nothing compared to when they sang ‘Who I Am.’ The entire place sang along in a way rarely seen. One can only imagine what it must feel like to be on stage and hear the entire crowd singing louder than the speakers.

After singing “Let Go” with Karmin, Nick prefaced the next song with the words “It’s time to get angry.” With an intro like that, it’s hard to know what to expect. The result was a new song called “What Do I Mean To You” that had elements of rock and EDM mashed with the typical Jonas sound to create a sure future favorite. Contest winner Tiffany was brought out on stage with a huge smile ready to sing “Still In Love With You” with her three favorite brothers. The rest of the show progressed on with  more of the old favorites, ending with a most energetic version of “Burnin’ Up.” A surprise video of Big Rob filled the screen as he sang the final chorus of the song, ending the night on a high. With a two song encore, fans didn’t move until the last note was sung. Leaving with smiles, thousands of girls were ready with stories to tell and memories that would last until the next concert.


Nick Jonas

Though they may have taken three years off, it was well worth the wait. As the fans and the brothers grew up, they also grew closer. There was a feeling of family floating around the show, as fans saw their old friends from concerts past and the brothers shared the stage once again. The new album, V, is set for release soon, but in the meantime, check out photos below from the show:

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Jonas Brothers


Author: Arin Segal

Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, Arin Segal is the US contributor to Performance Reviewed. Covering concerts in Philadelphia, NYC and Arizona, she got her start running her own website,, in 2009 while only a Sophomore in High School.