We Are Fiction: An Interview

Introducing We Are Fiction, a feel-good modern rock band with a hint of British hardcore. They have an ever-growing fan base whose passion is clear to see at their live shows. These guys genuinely love what they do. They have been featured on a number of Radio 1 shows and many other BBC Radio stations; the fans are clearly not alone in their love for We Are Fiction.

How did We are Fiction start out?

We Are Fiction started out as a bunch of scruffy dudes getting together and playing music that we love, we decided we had something to say and music was our ideal outlet for this.

You all seem to go pretty crazy on stage. Is this carried on in your day to day endeavours? 

We are an eclectic group of individuals, though we may not go about our day to day activities chucking ourselves around and getting sweaty, others would possibly say that we are pretty crazy people. I think that’s what works so well for us, the ability to let ourselves go and put every ounce of energy into the things we love.

As a band, what gives you the biggest buzz?

Playing in front of our fans is definitely what gives us the biggest buzz, that and the first time we hear a song we’ve written coming to life in the studio. Both these moments are pretty incredible.

What is your proudest moment so far? 

Getting the opportunity to push our music to a mainstream audience via BBC Radio 1 and Reading and Leeds Festival is a massively proud moment for us.  We always dreamed of being able to push our music to as many people as possible and now it seems we are getting the opportunity to do so which is insane.

If you could play at any celebrity birthday party, whose would it be and why?

We are all fans of Usher and ive heard the guy throws some pretty insane parties so either him or Beyonce as I reckon she’d get down to some of our tunes.  A collaboration with either would be sick, so I’d probably use playing the party to talk them into it after a number of alcoholic beverages.

Many people are getting We Are Fiction themed tattoos, is that as humbling as people singing your songs?

We’ve had so many people getting tattoos of our songs and lyrics, every time I see one I get a really humbling feeling.  To know that they are gonna have us with them for the rest of their lives is insane,  its much the same sort of feeling as when people sing our songs back to us.  Both make this all very worthwhile.

If you all had a drinking competition, who would win?

Ryan.  No contest.

There are some great bands playing at Reading & Leeds this year. Who are you most excited to be appearing alongside?

To be on the same festival bill as the likes of Eminem and Green Day is awesome.  Its also nice to be there with friends like Palm Reader, IDivide and Mallory Knox. As for who id personally love to catch [Andi Scott Shaw] id say HAIM. Really into them lately.

What can people expect from a We Are Fiction gig?

Passion, energy, emotion, fun and lots of sweat.

Any exciting future plans?

We have loads of plans underway from new videos, to an album and a load of shows and festivals in between. This year has been crazy so far so our biggest plan is to carry on this momentum and start realising more and more dreams we have had since we were kids.

Want to know more about We Are Fiction? Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube . They are also playing the BBC Introducing stage at Reading (Friday) and Leeds (Saturday).  Check out our Reading and Leeds guides: FridaySaturday and Sunday

Author: Samuel Griffiths

Sam is a music correspondent for performance reviewed. He is also a budding professional drummer and in his spare time enjoys going to many gigs and playing guitar.