The Cat Empire at the O2 Academy Brixton

The boys from Melbourne bring it back to the UK with their biggest tour yet to support the release of their latest album, Steal the Light. Touring until the 16th of November at venues across Europe. Click here for dates.

Opening the performance with Steal the Light, Cat Empire have made something which sounds like it’s been written specifically for performances like these, fiercely joyful, but not without its meaning. Felix (vocalist and percussionist) sings ‘it’s good to have you here’, well the crowd definitely looks like it’s loving being here. The Cat Empire have that something which keeps bringing their fans back and their performance of this new album doesn’t disappoint.

With six band members on stage and the Empire Horns along for the ride, it might seem like it could get rather chaotic but these boys are really in sync, everything is pulled off perfectly, or as Harry Angus (Vocalist and Trumpeter) says ‘Right on the edge of things falling apart and that’s where I like things to be.’

You’ve got to be impressed at the musical variety we see here, and just how well it all melds into one beautifully lively sound. We’ve got band members alternating on the bongos, DJ jumps even pulls out a shekere at intervals. We are treated to solos from Will (drummer), Ollie (keyboardist) and DJ jumps on the decks as well as the Empire Horns showing off their skills with the brass. Harry Angus imitates classical Indian Music with only his voice. But as usual, it all just somehow works.

The new material comes off well, Still Young is very reminiscent of their performance at White Night in Melbourne; that brilliant energy has come with them on this tour. They haven’t forsaken their old classics either. Felix cheerfully performs Two Shoes and Sly and we can’t forget their slightly edgier, The Darkness and The Wine Song courtesy of Harry.

Their big finale, (yes, of course, Chariot), but we’re talking about All Night Loud here. There’s a very personal feeling to this song. Felix is really in his zone, ‘I’m much obliged. So thank you my dear friends and that’s good night.’ People in the crowd get their lighters out, yes it’s one of those.

The Cat Empire have created something special with this new album and their performance really brings that out. It’s music to make you feel joy and get you dancing, which is really what it’s all about for this band.

Author: Diane Croskin

Diane has a love for dance and theatre and anything with a bit of a thrill.