An interview with Professor Samba Gadjigo


With the BLACK STAR BFI festival underway and the appreciation of more diverse works, people have a chance to reflect on the past histories and legacies with brand new-screenings from the work of the ‘Father Of African Cinema’, Ousmane Sembene. John Higgins had a chance to discuss the film-maker in a recent telephone interview.
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An Interview with Irina Kolesnikova

Can you tell us about Her Name was Carmen? Why did you decide to create a contemporary spin on a classical piece?

As a mother of a young child I was struck by the number of children that are caught up in the refugee crisis. This shocked me and I knew I had to do something for them. As we are a ballet theatre, ballet is our tool. Continue reading “An Interview with Irina Kolesnikova”

Interview with Lucy Pickles, who plays the lead in The Feast of Solhaug

Interview with Lucy Pickles, who plays the leading role of Margrit, in ‘The Feast of Solhaug’ at the Baron’s Court Theatre in London.

Q: How does it feel to star in the English-language premier of The Feast at Solhaug?

A: It’s very exciting for all of us – we are officially making history this evening on our opening night.
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