The Agony and the Ecstasy: The Bolshoi Ballet returns to London

“What restoration, what revival? Our standard already flies on Mount Olympus! […] We stand shoulder to shoulder. There is no acid between the artists. Our answer to all that has happened at the Bolshoi is the dance which the artists bring on to the stage.”   Sergei Filin in the Telegraph last week.

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We Are Fiction: An Interview

Introducing We Are Fiction, a feel-good modern rock band with a hint of British hardcore. They have an ever-growing fan base whose passion is clear to see at their live shows. These guys genuinely love what they do. They have been featured on a number of Radio 1 shows and many other BBC Radio stations; the fans are clearly not alone in their love for We Are Fiction.

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The Sad Death of Musical Storytelling

It takes just a glance at the UK charts to assume that we live in a world of lyrical destitution. The list is dominated by DJs and imagination starved pop stars, undertakers at the funeral of the storyteller. But fear not, this isn’t going to be a senseless rant about the state of modern music; there are plenty of those out there. Continue reading “The Sad Death of Musical Storytelling”

Duane Denison of Tomahawk: An Interview

Formed in 2000, alt-rock supergroup Tomahawk are half way through a busy year. Despite years without a tour together, they now haven’t stopped since autumn of 2012, releasing a new album, Oddfellows, in January. We caught up with guitarist Duane Denison, currently in Nashville, Tennessee, ahead of a headline slot on Reading & Leeds’ Lock Up Stage:

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