Jamie Alexander: An Interview

Her most recent role is the female lead in Schwarzeneggar’s silver-screan comeback The Last Stand, premiering in the UK today, but Jaimie Alexander is not your average Hollywood/Valhalla dweller. The 28-year-old honorary Texan (she moved from South Carolina when she was four), best known as the goddess in Thor, collects hunting knives, does most of her own stunts and is not averse to a shot of the hard stuff every now and again. At least she draws the line at walking through fire …

What was it like meeting Arnold for the first time on the set of The Last Stand?

He was super funny and very warm. I was so excited to be working with him, as I’ve been a fan of his my whole life. I think the first Arnold film I ever saw was The Terminator, with my brothers, on VHS. I was pretty young, and it scared the shit out of me!

What advice would you give a younger you just breaking into Hollywood?

Be yourself. There is no one like you! It’s good to be different. Stand up for yourself and never let anyone take advantage of you.

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WORDS: Chris Purnell
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