Velvet Trumpet’s ‘All Change, All Change’ at the Solo Festival

‘A sandwich, a Mars bar… and a Lilt’ confesses Thomas Jones when talking about the contents of his lunchbox. Playing a tube driver in Velvet Trumpet’s ‘All Change, All Change’, written by himself and director Nikolai Ribnikov,  it’s a darkly humorous look at the lives of those who, for the majority of the day, lurk underground in the sweaty, cramped tunnels beneath London. It’s also hilariously self-deprecating. Seemingly set on another trip down the Bakerloo line, Jones twines announcements and confessions in a desperate plea for some attention. The simple script leaves him to play with the audience and he plays the over organised loner with absolute relish. This is what the Solo Festival is all about: new and brilliant writing and the ability of single actors to capture the audience’s attention. A great one man show from a talented theatre company.

If you missed this show, never fear. Velvet Trumpet will be taking another show ‘Don’t Disturb the Driver’ to the Edinburgh Fringe. See them perform at the theSpace @ North Bridge from Monday 12th to Saturday 24th August.

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Author: Diane Croskin

Diane has a love for dance and theatre and anything with a bit of a thrill.